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Netflix's Devilman Crybaby is Gory, Sexy, and Weird
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 8 comments

Netflix has done it again! Netflix has brought us another masterpiece. First was Neo Yokio and now...I’m so sorry. I can’t play that joke throughout the whole article. Neo Yokio is bad so don’t watch it. If you do watch it, you'll just be stroking Jaden Smith’s ego. But let's talk about something that’s actually good, and involves a lot of stroking. The new Netflix Original Anime Devilman Crybaby. And after watching all 10 episode, do I recommend you watch Devilman Crybaby? Yes, yes I do. But only if you’re 18 and up, if you're not, this maybe a little too much for you. But hell, you’re on You better be at least 18, are I’m telling your parents!


Devilman Crybaby is an adaptation based on the manga, Devilman. Which inspired works such as Berserk and Evangelion. The story revolves around Akira Fudo, who was just a normal high school student until his best friend, Ryo Asuka, informs him on the existence of demons. With this revelation, Ryo takes Akira to a half sex club, half demon club, to awaken the demons inside. In doing so, Akira transformed into a demon, that still retains the heart of a human, invoking his name Devilman.

If I can find hot half naked chicks like this in a half sex club, half demon club, then sign me up!

Now don’t come in to this show thinking that you’ll get your typical anime affair. This show is extremely violent and sexual, which is used less for shock factor and more for driving some of the story's themes. You can’t go one minute without someone fucking or being fucked. They even have a demon-sex-air-battle in this show. The character designs are nice but the colors are is flat, which I actually digged. With a cast of characters who were enjoyable to watch and see how they handle the situations that are presented to them. My favorite being the main character Akira, once being the loser of the track team and then becoming the badass Devilman he is now. And I know that when Akira got his devil powers, he grew a big dick and obtained x-ray vision, but I’m telling you now. Don’t sell your soul to the devil! This is anime! You will not get a bigger dick or x-ray vision if you sell your soul to the devil!   


Now this guy knows how to party. Whip cream and pussy. The two great taste, that taste great together.

The show starts off with a monster of the week kinda formula but in the later half grew into something much more. Touching on the themes of discrimination, the true nature of humans, the difference between humans and demons, and much more. Some people have a problem with the ending but I feel like there was no other way to end it. I won’t spoil it but even if you don’t enjoy the ending, the ride getting there is an enjoyable one. Hopfully Netflix can keep pumping out cool and different animes like this one.



So have you watched Devilman Crybaby? Is Neo Yokio the best anime of all time? Do you think this is Netflix on hit wonder? Hit us up about it in the comment section below.