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Make Futa Great Again an Interview with Waterproof-Pigeon
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 11 comments

 Kinky: I am happy to introduce to you today, the man who’s bring you great futa drawings and is making them ever so great again, Waterproof-Pigeon. How are you doing today Pigeon?


Pigeon: I'm doing well, thanks! It's a pleasure to be here to talk about women peen! Coo coo.


Kinky: Let me start off with a simple question. When did you start drawing?


Pigeon: I've started drawing since around 5 years ago? However I've only been in the NSFW scene for around 2.5 years now! 2.5 years of drawing futa.


Kinky: As an artist myself, I always have this feeling that I’ll never getting better or that I’m wasting my time. Has that feeling ever cross your mind or does drawing just come naturally to you?


Pigeon: I don't think anything comes naturally, sure there's that thing called "talent", but it's no more than determining the starting point. The whole idea of not getting better or wasting time is really part of the process of self-criticism, some people handle it better than others and it's really something that every artist goes through. If you are not constantly evaluating and understanding your mistakes, then you'll just take longer to get better. Not to mention pushing outside of your comfort zone too!


Kinky: What made you start drawing porn?


Pigeon: Honestly, it was meant to be an outlet from my main job. I wanted to have fun further studying anatomy, joining the NSFW scene would have let me experiment more since it would have forced me to draw nudes (ontop of the extra anatomy study). But the other half of it was also because I wanted to push outside my comfort zone. When you draw clothed chicks for a living, you sometimes just wanna spice it up and draw a chick unloading a big fat nut.


Kinky: Do people you are close to know that you make a living making porn or do you just tell them it’s all drug money?


Pigeon: Oh, not at all! I don't disclose this kind of work unless I need to, which is very rarely. It's not my main source of income, I just do this on the side cause I like big fat futa penis.


Kinky: And in your porn drawings you focus on volubtous women and futa. Why did you choose to focus on that? Is it just a personal fetish of yours?


Pigeon: Very much so! When I began drawing futa, I was focusing a lot on muscular futa babes. It was all good and well since my fetish for them (not that it's gone) aligned with my intention to practice more anatomy. Over the course of drawing porn, I started to expand/develop my fetishes and ended up enjoying to draw more voluptuous women. It was a surprise that not many other artists drew voluptuous futa, so I decided to continue pursuing it.


Kinky: You stated that you won't draw men, but are traps also out of the question? I’m asking because I’m a trap man myself? (I’m saying that I’m into traps, not that I am a trap.)

 Pigeon: I don't mind drawing men at all, I just don't like being paid to draw men. Eyy! I, too, am into traps. I even have plans to draw more traps in the future. I'm more open to get paid to draw traps now, however most of the requests that I've gotten that included traps fell into the "futa on male" genre. I don't have anything against it, as a matter of fact, I like the genre. However it's just not something I enjoy drawing so I'll need to make that clear in the future.

Kinky: Is there any female characters in recent media that you have interest in drawing and adding a dick too?


Pigeon: Adding a dick is out of the question, she'll have one regardless. In terms of recent media, I don't keep myself updated on it too much, but I'm eyeing out some of them Monster Hunter: World grills! They're hot enough to cook up some well-done steak.


Kinky: You just got done drawing a doujin based on the Overwatch  franchise  called Eye of Whorus. First I’ll like to ask, do you play much Overwatch?


Pigeon: Not as much as I used to before! I really enjoy the world of Overwatch, especially the visual design. However the game itself is something I wouldn't go out of my way to play unless my friends ask me to. Not that it's a bad game, but not exactly my go-to game of preference.


Kinky: Was this your first ever doujin you’ve worked on?


Pigeon: Yes! This is my first doujinshi. I've attempted a few before, but they were no more than just scrap ideas that never saw the light of day.




Kinky: How long did it take you to finish it? And was it draining on you?


Pigeon: Hmm... it took a long time because I had to juggle a lot of other things that occurred. I started the doujinshi around 2016 December, but that was on a 6 month hold due to some unfortunate issues that I needed to take care of. I picked up the project again around mid to late August 2017 because I had made some time, and worked on it (while juggling other issues) until the release date on the 30th of December 2017 (so around 4 months)? It was moderately draining, not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I had to learn A LOT of things to pull it off to the standard I wanted.

Kinky: Will you be creating another doujin? Because I wouldn’t mind if that art of Sae Nijima got expanded on. The blackmail concept always gets me going!


Pigeon: Definitely! I intend to create more doujins, focusing more on my OC content. I do enjoy blackmail, so it's likely to reoccur in the future! I might expand more on the Sae Niijima picture, though I don't have plans for it at the moment.


Kinky: Is there a reason you’re a futa man? Like you may have readed some sort of work or saw a specific kind of porn?


Pigeon: That I'm not too sure of myself, futa was something I never questioned when I first saw it. I just thought that it was super hot and busted nuts until my balls were empty, it was then that I knew that futa will forever my #1 fetish. Ever


Kinky: Do you find pleasure in your own work or since it’s something you drew, you can’t really jerk to it?


Pigeon: I can jerk to my own work if I have to, but I just prefer not to. But hey, just jerk to whatever gets your rocks off, right? I don't see anything wrong with busting to less conventional media.


Kinky: I have many kinks that I think translate better on paper then it would in real life. (I love me some traps but in real life, I might hesitate for a minute.) Is futa just a fetish for fiction or would you be interested in a real life futa?


Pigeon: I wouldn't be drawing if futa was real! But yeah, that would be the case for everyone I suppose. There are fetishes that would be preferable to stay as a fantasy, for myself, for some I would be more worried of the health hazards that come with it (i.e. joining in a gangbang where 50 unchecked dilfs nutted into a futa) or urethra sex with futa (that probably won't turn out well in real life for obvious reasons). But with that said, that's why it's a fantasy!


Kinky: As of right know you do commission works and now doujins. Do you see yourself drawing for something else, like games for example? Or do you plan on doing something completely different with yourself?


Pigeon: I'm already working as an artist as my main job. I plan to do less commission work as time goes on because I want to focus on making more doujin content. I don't think I'll ever make NSFW my main job, it's something I enjoy to do on the side.

Kinky: Well I mention that you do commission works. Is there a place where people can send in a commission and also follow you?


Pigeon: I'm not sure when I'm going to open commissions again, hopefully soon! Whenever I decide to reopen, I'll update it on my profiles which can be found here:






Kinky: Thank you again Pigeon for spending time away from your futa babes, to spend some quality time with me. I'll let you fly off and get back to work.


Pigeon: Thank you for the interview! The Pidgey will now return to the futa nest. COO COO.







 A drawing of Piegeon's OC character Storm, dressed up in Final Fantasy pirate getup, just waiting for you to plunder her sweet fat booty. What do you think? Do you like futa? Is Piegeon making futa great again? Would you like to see a doujin of Storm? Tell us in the comments below.