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Mai Shiranui Is Too Hot for Smash, but Not Too Hot to Smash
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago

With the showing and release of Terry Bogard for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai had to point something out. With the Terry Bogard DLC pack, a King of Fighters stage is also included, which has many of King of Fighters characters showing up in the background standing and cheering. But with many cool and memorable King of Fighters characters showing up in the background, there was one very iconic character missing from the group, and that was Mai Shiranui.

Now, Sakurai came out during the announcement to explain why Mai was not present in the King of Fighters stage. Sakurai states that Mai was not included because Smash is a game for “good boys, and girls”. Now this statement feel like he’s totally trolling us. We have characters like Bayonetta and Zero Suit Samus walking around in Smash, but maybe it’s because the amount of sexy that Mai brings to the table. Unlike the other girls, Mai has huge ass tits, and cleavage for days. But despite the upsetting news, it did start a wave of great Mai memes, and lewds!

Can she be in Smash now?

Are you getting the Terry Bogard DLC? Do you think Sakurai is overreacting? Is Mai the hottest King of Fighters babe? Tell us in the comments.