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Lewding Nezuko is Starting Problems in the Anime Community
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 56 comments

This seasons best girl Nezuko, is showing off just how much people love her with the outrage she’s causing over some simple lewd pictures. Some people going at it in a mature fashion, while others our down right attacking the artist. And Nezuko isn’t happy about it.

A back and forth happen over on the artist SakimiChan’s DeviantArt. It’s funny how simply not enjoying the lewding of Nezuko can cause such a stir.

After these chain of comments, SakimiChan disabled their comments on their next Nezuko piece, which may have been for the best. But that didn’t stop people from having something to say over on their Twitter. Now this is when the toxic level ramp up to eleven, with calling the artist a pedo even though they state that it was an older Nezuko.

Now I don’t like seeing my daughter Nezuko being lewd as much as the next guy, but her being lewd isn’t hurting anyone and shouldn’t be seen as a personal crime on humanity. The artist even state that this is an older portrayal of the character, so what more do these unreasonable people want them? Anyone can be drawn lewd if you slap an 18+ on them! That’s a fact!

But no one better lewd my son Inosuke, he’s only but a child.

Do you think people over reacted…like they always do? Should people be able to up the ages of younger characters? Is inosuke best boy? Tell us in the comments.