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Let's Relewd Sailor Moon
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago • 9 comments

The magical girl show Sailor Moon is getting redrawn by many artists. This new hashtag #sailormoonredraw started on Japanese twitter, but like everything that gets popular in Japan, it found its way to English twitter. Many artists started getting creative with how they redrew Sailor Moon, being bubbly, soft, cute, and all around wholesome. But this is a porn site, we’re not here to talk about the wholesome stuff. Just like anything wholesome, there are some depraved people out there that would rather make something smutty. Many NSFW artists also tried their hands at redrawing Sailor Moon, some of them are doujin artists you may recognize. 

And if that wasn’t enough Sailor Moon smut for you, you could always check out the Sailor Moon doujins on the site.

What do you think about the Sailor Moon redraw hashtag? Did you recognize any of the artists' art style? Do you like when something wholesome gets lewd? Tell us in the comments.