Kosuke Fujishima's Love Problems
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 3 comments


He has A New Goddess

(Nekomu Otogi left, Kosuke Fujishima right)

Veterans of the anime and manga scene should recognize the name Kosuke Fujishima. He's the genius behind the likes of Ah! My Goddess!, You're Under Arrest, his first original manga from 1986, and Tokyo GP while contributing character designs to Sakura Wars, and various Tales Of games.

In 2016, Nekomu Otogi, famed cosplayer accounced on Twitter that she had married Kosuke Fujishima, and that she was pregnant with his child. She added that she was not giving up her cosplaying:

"I have an announcement to make to everyone," she wrote. "I have married manga author and illustrator Kousuke Fujishima. I have one more thing to report, I am pregnant with a baby. I am sorry for the surprise. We want to raise it with great care." She also commented on her blog that “...wait and see because I will do my best in front of everyone as a mama cosplayer”.

Many sites have critized the age gap, as she was 20 and he was 51, aa 31 year difference. However, we here at Doujins.com will not pass such judgement and wish them all the happiness in the world.

What makes this a bit more interesting is Kosuke Fujishima's love life in general. In 2014, he divorced his wife and left her, and potentially their child. He also had a lady on the side who was waiting for his divorce to get married to him. In 2015, he got together with Nekomu Otogi and sent a message to this other woman as she was returning to Tokyo that he was leaving her and had already moved all of his stuff out of their shared apartment, leaving behind their two cats.

To add to this love drama, the ex-fiancee brought a lawsuit against Fujishima for mental anguish last November, and it’s moving through the Fukuoka district court. That's one way to handle a break-up.

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