Kimura Naoki Makes Dirty Feel So Much More Dirtier
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Man, I have never watched Ikkitousen and probably never will. But even if I don’t want to watch the anime, I’m always ready to read some good Ikkitousen doujins. With a strong cast of female characters in their designs and fighting techniques, it’s good fap material for any veteran doujin readers such as myself. And with the artist we’re talking about today, you’ll never see Ikkitousen in the same way ever again.

Kimura Naoki is a member of the doujin circle Kikuya, which mainly focus on, you guested it, Ikkitousen doujins, which I’m pretty sure no one is complaining about. He has stated in his bio that he likes his characters teeny (which sound very pedoie) and enjoys creating doujins that focus on boyish and bullish girls, which Ikkitousen has plenty of.


Okay, all boyish and bullish girls please wait in line. Kimura Naoki will be with you in just a moment, he's drawing another boyish and bullish girl at the moment. 


As stated, his doujins focus mainly on boyish and bullish girls, which means their usually big, strong, thicc, and have an attitude. He likes drawing his girls with big tits and huge hips which seems to be every doujin artists favorite thing to draw know a days. He focus a lot on the grossness that can come with sex, always pointing out the smell of a cock while adding the extra effect of having it all covered in smega. The girls sometimes hate the revolting stink of smegma while other times they’re going into a dizzy sex frenzy at the though of eating the guys dick cheese, which kind of turns me on. Kimura is also working on his first ever original doujin “Pentrated”. Be warned, this is NTR, but it’s that good kind of NTR.

Can't wait to see scans of this, and then translation. I bet she just got done eating some homemade dick cheese.


Now here are my Top 3 Kimura Naoki doujins I think you should check out.

Two strong girls are fighting, but not with their fists, but their bodies! The two compete to see who will be the next idol and all they have to do is please the mans and the viewers. They both get equal amount of panel space. They both go to town during the sex scenes which are full of blowjob, titjob, vagina, and anal, it’s the whole buffet. And after all the sex, in the end, we learn the true message of this doujin...friendship.

A strong woman, who’s force to please a gross old man? Haven’t I heard that somewhere before? Oh yeah, it’s the plot for most doujins, but as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And in Kimura Naoki fashion, the man has a smega cover dick that our heroine has to learn to overcome. Does guys in the Kimura universe even know what a bath is, no matter if their old or young, they always come to these girls with a smegma covered dick. Should I try to do that with my future girlfriend?

We take a break from Ikkitousen and go to another series that’s know for it’s beautiful girls, Dead or Alive. Ayane is tired of a fan taking pictures of her at every tournament, so what does she do, well let him kiss her of course. Which soon turns her on and everything escalates from there. If being someone fan and taking photos of them could really get you the chance to sleep with them, man, I’ll be stalking the fuck out of the girls I like. (I’m looking at you YouTube girls) Oh yeah also the guy’s dick stinks.

Do you like Kimura Naoki works? Do you like Ikkitousen? What do you think about the whole girls force to suck a gross cock? I like it :). Tell us in the comments below.