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Are Western Female Games Characters Getting Uglier?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

With sexy characters from both Final Fantasy Rebirth and Stellar Blade, being shown off and people drooling all over them, the conversation about the west having ugly female characters is coming up again.

I thought this was a guy face at first.

Now before we start roasting western games for ugly female characters, let’s not forget that Japanese games don’t always have those hot as fuck anime looking characters that people think they do. I remember when Monster Hunter World was shown and how many people were calling the Handler ugly, even though I thought she was cute in a weird kind of way.

I think she looks cute.

So it’s not like Japan always just makes the hottest of female characters, and let's not forget that the west made some of the hottest female characters in gaming. We got like, the whole Overwatch sluts in our western gaming catalogs.

Yeah, I'm talking about you love.

So it’s not like western gaming companies are devoid of hot female characters, it’s just as of recently, it seemingly has decreased on their side of the spectrum. With the west being more shy about sex appeal and showing off women's bodies, compared to Japans, we might see more of this trend. I miss how sexy western female game characters used to look.

What we used to have.

What we have now.

Do you think girls in western games are ugly? Do you think the Handler is ugly?Why is America afraid to have hot girls? Tell us in the comments.