Is Catherine coming to PC?
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 0 comments

Sega have all but confirmed that they're bringing Catherine to PC.

A cryptic update on the Steam page for Bayonetta shows an image of a sheep captioned "Baa," and not much else. You might not think this means much, but sheep are a significant motif in Catherine. It's also worth noting that the PC release of Vanquish was teased via an update of Bayonetta on Steam. Not enough for you? Video game regulatory organisation ESRB have updated their page for Catherine, clearly stating that they've rated the game for a Windows release.

Originally released in 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Catherine is a puzzle platformer where players take on the role of Vincent, a man torn between his girlfriend Katherine and his mysterious new mistress, named Catherine. The core gameplay consists of navigating surreal nightmares during the evening while juggling social relationships during the day, similar to Atlus' other, slightly more well known work: Persona

The original Catherine is also backwards compatible on Xbox One, but PS4 and PS Vita owners can look forward to a remastered version of the game subtitled Full Body, which features extra gameplay elements, story additions, a new online mode and, most importantly, a new love interest named Rin who very well may be a trap. It isn't clear at the minute whether the version that seems to be coming to PC is the original or Full Body, but judging by the ESRB rating the original version of the game for Windows it's looking like Rin and the other new features won't be available to PC players just yet.

Will you be interested in getting Catherine on PC or will you be holding out for the Full Body edition? Let us know in the comments!