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Chiitan Is A Sexy Woman?!
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

God, I love me some hot and sweaty girls with six packs. Girls with a fit body is always a win in my book. And a good way for a girl to get hot and sweaty is wearing a huge mascot suit, like a…I don’t know…Chiitan suit!!!

Dingotoad has spawned a banger art out of nowhere about a popular Japanese mascot. Funny enough, I didn’t hear anything about this mascot until seeing this art. I’m not sure why a drawing of this mascot specifically, but I’m not complaining. But I guess there are other people complaining.

A tweet that’s now deleted because of the negative attraction the OP most likely didn’t expect or wanted to get. A good rule on the internet is if you aren’t ready for the backlash that your post might get, maybe it’s something you shouldn’t post in the first place. No one is really lewding Chiitan the mascot. A hot, sweaty, muscle girl can pop out of any other mascot suit, so I don’t know why this is such a big issue with the guy. Hell, Chiitan seems to like it.

And everyone else who drew fan art seems to like it as well.

So again, a new cool and enjoyable sexy meme for the people who can handle a little porn in their life to enjoy.

What do you think of the Chiitan lewds? Did you know about Chiitan before this? Do you think it’s okay to lewd Chiitan? Tell us in the comments.