HuniePop 2 Final Character Revealed
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 7 comments

HunieDev has finally revealed the final character for HuniePop 2, and she’s a dirty, down to earth tomboy.

HunieDev has stated that Ashley will be the first girl you encounter in the game. With every girl being announced, it’s time to start the new HuniePop 2 waifu wars. I’m usually a big fan of tomboys, but for some reason, Brooke has caught my attention this time around.

Seeing these characters and knowing that they’ll have voice acting still hurts me when I remember that they won’t have any actual sex scenes. But who knows, this is HuniePop 2. They might surprise me and actually add some sex scenes. We can all cross our fingers and hope.

Who is your favorite HuniePop 2 girl? Do you want HuniePop 2 to have voiced sex scenes? Are you excited for HuniePop 2? Tell us in the comments below.