Fatalpulse: Hardcore to the Bone!
By RinSigua • 1 year ago • 11 comments


                Not all stories end with a "...happily ever after."


                This is what the theme of the doujin circle Fatal Pulse uses in making his doujins. Yes, I said his, because the doujin circle Fatalpulse consists of only one artist, Asanagi. Anyhow, Fatalpulse is known for his popular long running doujin series (?) Victim Girls.

                Victim Girls are fan comics, a hentai parody of some popular anime or game. This series got popular by featuring well-known characters from certain franchise and placing them in hopeless situations. Thus, the genre which these series is tagged on is mostly hardcore stuff: hardcore (obviously), rape, ahegao, mind break, and other stuffs. He started Victim Girls with a hentai of the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok, back in 2004. Ah, that brings back memories...

                Here at doujins.com, we have 21 of the Victim Girls titles. The latest of the series is Victim Girls 21 Bokujou: Happy End (ironic,) and other Victim Girls Special Issue.


                Asanagi, the only author of Fatalpulse, sometimes team up with other artists to create collaborations. Tenshi ni Ochiru Akuma-tachi and Britain and US Union Night Exercises are some of the examples.

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                Asanagi's art is awesome! The characters are drawn in a way that makes them curvy and cute. Many fans considered Asanagi's art to be "loli-ish," but that's for you, the readers, to decide. As for me, the artwork is fantastic! He doesn't stray much from the original style yet, manages to create illustration that is uniquely his own. The stories are also well-written, it makes the readers who haven't heard of the original source material curious to try it (either watch or play, it depends on the franchise). However, there are those who argue that the series is a bit traumatic. (should the word "bit" and "traumatic" go together?) Anyway, I would like to believe that it is one of Victim Girls' charm, and that I would recommend you guys to go read some of his works.

Even these guys approve!

                Fun fact: some fans always check on Asanagi's fanarts. They are afraid of the next poor girl to be a part of the ever-popular Victim Girls. However, contrary to popular belief, Asanagi doesn't make doujins of theoretical scenarios. For example, if a fairly high level servant like Saber Artoria were to be featured in his fanarts, a Victim Girl doujin is unlikely to happen because there would be quite a few male characters who could overpower her. Despite that, there are still many fans that are fearful of the fate of a character featured in his fanarts. You can check on Asanagi's artworks at his pixiv page here.

                And... That's Asanagi of Fatalpulse! You can click on the images to direct you to the doujins he created. What do you think of Fatalpulse and the infamous Victim Girls? Do you have any suggestions and recommendation? Please tell us about it in the comments below. Thank you for reading!