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Enjoy Some Sexy Time With Tifa in The Case of T +
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 2 comments

Who’s the hottest girl in Final Fantasy 7? If you said Yuffie, Aerith, or Tifa, then you’d be wrong. The correct answer would be Tefa (actually it’s Tifa, but name had to be changed for copyright reasons)! If you always thought Tifa was the best girl in FInal Fantasy 7, then you’re going to love this game by Versus X Studio called The Case of T + -Omnia In Unum-. Here’s a summary:

The Case of T narrates a small story about Tefa (you can guess who she is, but don’t worry! you will have the possibility to change her name and put the original one. This is only to avoid copyright stuff, etc) and how she’ll have to do some naughty things in order to escape from a weird place in which she is trapped.

A quick and to the point premise, which some may not like, but for a preson who’s ready to fuck Tifa as fast as he can, I quite enjoyed the simple story. You get to enjoy Tifa as she tries her best to please you in order to escape. There are three fully voiced sex scenes in total. You get to enjoy a handjob, a blowjob, and since it’s Tifa, of course you get a titjob scene.

But don’t worry, if those aren't enough to satisfy you, then at the higher tier levels, you’ll be able to view two more fully voiced vaginal and anal sex scenes.

You know how much your boi loves anal.

Now if Final Fantasy 7 waifus isn’t your cup of tea, then you’ll love the little teaser they had at the end. Now I might love me some Tifa, but I know that my favorite Final Fantasy bae is Cindy, from Final Fantasy 15. That little teaser of her got me hype for when they finally start working on The Case of C -Omnia In Unum-. Hearing Cindy sexy country voice in my ears, that’s going to send me over the edge. I’m super excited to see more of the -Omnia In Unum- series in the future.

Yes she does.

If you want to play The Case of T + -Omnia In Unum-  you can download it here, and if you want to support future projects and unlock the extra scenes, hit up their Patreon.

Have you played  The Case of T + -Omnia In Unum-? Are you excited to see Cindy be next? Who would you like to see next in the -Omnia In Unum- series? Tell us in the comments.