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Elegg Is Joining Nikke With A BOOM!!!!
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

A new girl has dropped in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and it’s a thicc one.

Elegg is the newest girl to be released in Nikke, and I really love her design. Now, it’s not like other girls haven’t been released ever since my last Nikke article, it’s just this girl in particular caught my interest and other chubby girl lovers. Nikke has seemed to be keeping up with regularly scheduled updates, which makes me believe that the game still supports a healthy fanbase. Which is good, cause that just means we’ll keep getting hotties like Elegg.

Now, I understand real chubby chasers getting mad at Elegg design. Yes, she is not actually chubby, but she’s that anime chubby, which is good enough. I love her kind of playful style mixed with being a slop design. She got her bangs covering up both of her eyes, and sometimes peeking out one of them. And who can forget about that little fang she got coming out of her mouth, making her look like a little trouble maker. Oh, and did I forget, SHE’S CHUBBY!!!

Funny enough, looking at her design more. It’s funny how the slightest hint of meat on an anime girl’s bones, makes us automatically see them as chubby. I feel like the NSFW artists are making her more chubby than her actual art. Which…I don’t mind, keep the chubby coming.

What do you think of Elegg? Do you think she’s chubby? Have you ever played Goddess of Victory: Nikke? Tell us in the comments.