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Don’t Miss Deals On Toys This Black Friday!
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago

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Black Friday is a few days away, but the real deal hunters know that Black Friday has expanded into an entire large portion of November. I like to shop on other days besides the one literally right after a day of being thankful for what we already have, especially when said shopping may include a visit or two to some friskier sellers. Luckily our friends at (for US shoppers) and Motsutoys (for the Europeans among us) think alike as they’ve started their sale early! From now until November 27th, all items from both sites will be 25% off. There’s no better time to try out some new toys than when they’re discounted! So I’m eyeing up some stuff like…

KYO F-Motion (US and EU)

Listen alright, the older you get the more boring masturbating becomes. Your body gets accustomed to the same old right hand. I’ve always wanted to try one of these motorized devices to spice things up, and the KYO F-Motion seems like it could fulfill that desire. Equipped with 11 different modes, there’s plenty to experiment with to dive into a new type of toy experience.

Bakunyu Nipple Fuck (US and EU)

For the nipple enthusiasts out there, there’s no better way to treat yourself this Black Friday than to order up these nipple paradise. That’s right, the name isn’t simply for show. Those nips are meant for fucking and are fully insertable.

Standing Ruri-Nyan Onahole (US and EU)

Finding ebony toys can be quite the challenge for the unprepared. Thankfully the Ruri-nyan offers a realistic option to service those cocks. This is certainly one of the more detail-oriented onaholes out there so enthusiasts need not hesitate!

Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai (US and EU)

Remember this? Aska Mai received a dedicated article not too long ago, and now she’s on sale! Nothing like coming full circle. Speaking of cumming, this realistic depiction of a torso is sure to captivate. That stomach still demands my attention even though I’ve already seen it a ton!

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip (US and EU)

What did I say about toys based on character? I love the idea, and this Ereshkigal-themed onahip is no exception. Her massive thighs and plump ass are the main attraction here in my book. However, the exquisite detailing on her pussy is no slouch either. Don’t sleep on the goddess waiting for you! 

Slut Angel Small Onahole (US and EU)

This tiny onahole caught my attention with the full body design for such a small toy. Not a combination you encounter all too often. Seems like a cute little entry-level toy for those looking to knock the angel off their shoulder this holiday season.

XTC Yandere Onahole (US and EU)

Halloween is over, but I can’t help it, I love scary girls year round. I’ve looked at yandere-themed toys before but they typically tend to break the bank along with your loved ones. Not this time around. Just be careful, this toy may not want to let go!

Holy Sister Oppai (US and EU)

Maybe I went too crazy with the last pick considering the season. In that case, why not repent before Christmas with the Holy Sister tit toy? There’s nothing here but raw boob action so for the milker enthusiasts, I believe it’s time to catch up on your prayers.

Nurse’s Special Treatment (US and EU)

I need healing! No, not with medicine. With pussy! Take some time to watch your health this season with the most affordable onahip toy on the site. This nurse may be cheaper comparatively but she still brings two entrances and 4 lbs to the table. These larger toys can get pricey quick so she definitely caught my attention. Time to book an appointment.

Nezuko’s Double Tooth Blowjob (US and EU)

I have a soft spot for toys themed after known characters and this toy is no exception. Take a break from the normal pussy imitations in the toy world and take on Nezuko’s demon mouth. Fangs are included in the design but don’t worry, they’re nice and soft and meant to add some extra stimulation to your strokes.

But hey, I’m no licensed toy professional. You can always see what other customers are finding to love by perusing through the top ten best sellers. The Motsutoys best sellers can be found here, while the top ten list is right here. Between these picks and those of the community, there’s plenty of material to browse through to find a product that appeals to you. Or if you’re ready to browse the offerings on your own accord, and Motsutoys will be happy to have you. What are you on the hunt for this Black Friday? Do you enjoy when companies extend the sale period away from just Friday? What types of toys interest you? Find some discounts, bundle some lube, and have a fantastic fap session all December long with your new purchases in the comments below!