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Do You Know What Sounding Is?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago • 16 comments

If you’re not a kink master like myself, you may have never heard of sounding. To be honest, you might have thought that sounding had something to do with audio because of the name. Sounding is something you may have seen in doujins before, but never knew the name of it. Well, think of anal beads. Now think about anal beads going in your pee hole. Yep. That’s what sounding is.

You see that thing in her mouth. That’s going in your urethra.

A 3D Toga sounding animation created by animator GreatB8 was released and has been SOUNDING off ever since it dropped. Sounding already looks scary, the last person I would want doing it to me is the crazy girl Toga. The animation to this video is great, which makes the sounding process even harder to look at. Sounding is one of those kinks that isn’t gross, it just looks painful and scary.

Hurt so good some would say.

Now I’m not sure if my bitch ass would ever try sounding, I definitely wouldn’t try it by myself. But if my girlfriend suggested it, and really wanted to do it, I might bite the bullet just for her. But will have to have a lot of guidelines, a safe word, and prep. Oh, I’ll also get to fuck her in the ass that night. She can have my pee hole, I get her asshole. Fair is fair.

Did you know what sounding was? Would you ever try sounding? Have you heard of GreatB8? Tell us in the comments.