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Coronavirus Awakening the Sick Mask Fetish
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 7 comments

The Coronavirsus might be going around getting people sick, and making people empty out stores and their wallet wildly. But that doesn’t mean nothing good came from this whole Corona thing. If you ask me, I’m happy that the Coronavirsus brought back the sick mask trend.

Looking cool, while staying safe from the Corona.

The sick mask or surgical mask has a kind of stylish look to it, which can also be as equally sexy. I feel like the sick mask fetish is for those people like me who enjoy blowjob content. A girl lifting the mask up just a little bit so she can put your dick in her mouth, only to let the mask fall back down so she can hide her sloppy and slutty mouth. It’s such a tease, but also so damn sexy.

Do you think the sick mask fetish is sexy? Have you ever owned a sick mask before? Do you think the sick mask can be stylish? Tell us in the comments.