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Can I Lewd You Now? Yes, You May!
By WakeUpSnooze • 8 months ago • 9 comments

If you’re an anime fighting game fan, you’re hype as fuck for the year 2020. New Guilty Gear? Let’s rock. Granblue Fantasy Versus? Shit they got some lit character designs, let’s get it. Tired of waiting? Cross Tag will have 9 new characters before the year is up. And even though it’s Cross Tag… I will admit I’m hype as fuck to play Neo. But even if you’re not a fighting game fan, you May still have some news to be excited about.

In the latest Guilty Gear trailer that was released this Thursday, May, a recurring character in the series, sports a new design… and age. Take a look at her previous design from Rev 2 first.

Oops, went way back with this one.

Not bad, not bad. I was fan enough of it to mess around with playing her for a bit. But then they said fuck all that garbage…

Okay, now this is epic. What can I say? I love it. The mature look does such an excellent job of sticking close to her older designs while still being able to change it into something fresh. A fucking pirate hoodie? Tell me that shit ain’t cute. Great, now you lied and you gotta walk the plank.  Anyway despite the fact that I saw many were claiming May had already reached the age of 22 before this change, now she's physically looking legal. And for fans and artists, that's often considered the stamp of approval. You can guess what happened next.

Fanart galore baby, and plenty of it lewd. And what can I say… I understand the motivation. Now while we’re on the subject… somebody needs to start giving that new Granblue Fantasy Versus character the same treatment… the lewding never stops.

Your time is coming.

Are you a fan of the new design? Have you seen a character you like change over the years? Set sail in the comment section below.