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Bowsette's One Year Anniversay
By Kasaix • 8 months ago • 6 comments

Sept. 19th marks the one year anniversary of Bowsette, one of the best memes to come out of Super Mario. Haniwa, who brought this magnificent genderbend of Bowser to life, and has spread around the internet. 

Bowsette spawned numerous other 'ette' characters, like Boosette, Chompette, and so on. The super crown has graced many a head. Even the question mark block got a crown. 

Let's talk about the Super Crown. Here's a link to the Mario Wiki's page for a more in-depth look at it, but the simple answer is this: it turns Toadette into Peachette, 'a Princess Peach lookalike that gives her the ability to Double Jump and perform Peach's Floating Jump'. It's an interesting game mechanic. Rule 34 took over, and Haniwa made it better. Then the internet at large made it even more lewd.

Sadly, Nintendo has confirmed that Bowsette will never be a canon thing. There was a proposal for Bowser to use his crown to take over Peach, but that never left a rough sketch. Still, the internet prevails, and even made a mod of Super Mario 64 that made Bowsette the playable character. 

To celebrate, we're opening up a channel on our Discord server dedicated solely to Bowsette. Come by and share some top tier Bowsette art, or just enjoy what's being shared by other cultured individuals. You can find that channel invite HERE! You can find some Bowsette doujins on our site HERE!