Audio Doujins: Everything is More Fun in a Group
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 6 comments

I knew Android 21 was going to be lewd the moment I saw her, she became an instant waifu for many. NIghtFawn does a great job at playing 21, her voice is really close to the original English one. She also plays our beautiful elf girl from Goblin Slayer. But this time, the goblins got to her before Goblin Slayer could. I wonder how that’ll turn out? Something a little darker for you crazy fellas out there.

Also, after enjoying the Android 21 doujin, don’t forget about the bonus page at the end. I know it doesn’t have any text bubbles, but I wanted to try something a little different. Thank you JayeWilde for her lovely Android 18 voice. Sorry Krillin, but we had to do it to her.


There is no male voice this time around again, I'm getting mixed signals when it comes to enjoying the male voices and not. Me personally, I don't like hearing a male voice in my ear while jerking off no matter how good the performance is, but that could just be me.

Did you enjoy NightFawn’s Android 21 impressions? How did you like that bonus pages? Would you have liked Goku and Vegeta to be voiced? Tell us in the comments below.