An Interview with Xkit
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 16 comments

Kasaix: Hello Doujins Army! (Trying it out, let me know what you think). I’m here with Xkit, an artist I discovered a month or so ago with this really, really interesting Avengers hentai comic featuring Spider-Man and a really hot Captain Marvel. Just...damn it was good. I followed Xkit from there, saw their art, and loved everything about it. That’s why I’m quite glad they agreed to this interview! 

But we’re skipping ahead. Thanks for taking the time to hang out Xkit. How’s it going?

Xkit: Hi everyone and nice to meet you! been a busy week but its all ok good 

Kasaix: Nice. So let's start at the top, how did you first get into art?

Xkit: I first got into art since I was little kid. I got so interested in just scribbling around anything I could see. It developed into a hobby and it became a part of me growing up. Got more interested in it when I discovered comic books, video games and anime too. It stopped doing it for a while in highschool because I was in a band but picked it up again when I was in college.

Kasaix: Nice. I like to see people who keep a childhood hobby with them as they grow up. Do you have a professional education in art, or did you doodle your way to mastery?

Xkit: thank you! ahahah but, I wouldn't call it mastery yet since I have so much more to learn so so much more. I did graduate from a short course of 2D animation scholarship. it was approximately one semester and it was a program for people who wanted to learn the basics of traditional 2D animation but that was it.  Although I took that course, I studied drawing digitally by myself and never stopped ever since.

Kasaix: I don't know, that Ara Ara~ Captain Marvel was perfect. Hehe. Are you going to animate some of your works in the future?

Xkit: Thank you! I'm glad you like it I was nervous it wouldn't take off but I was so surprised it was taken very well by a lot of people. I've always wanted to try and do some when I have the time off. It would be so full-filling  to see and learn things properly like I did in digital art.

Kasaix: What are your favorite characters and themes to draw?

Xkit: well for me it’s mostly mixed but I love to draw FGO (Fate Grand Order) characters since Im a big fan of the game. I have really bad luck with it though. sometimes new animes I am interested in. Currently I'm working on something from "Damberu nan kiro moteru" but that’s our secret hahahaha

Kasaix: You, me, and literally anyone reading this interview.

Xkit: yeah that’s a little teaser for my upcoming stuff  hahahaha (waves at you reading this interview~)

Kasaix: Especially that one guy drinking tea. You! Extend your pinky like a proper sir!

Xkit: gets own cup of tea pinky up like this my good sir hahahaha

Kasaix: hahaha Okay, let's carry on. What do you feel is your best picture yet, and why?

Xkit: hahaa yes? hmmmm you mean like best work? Because if its that I would say it would be the Carol x Peter comic and why? Because it's actually the first ever doujin that I made and wrote. And it’s closer to my heart even more knowing that a lot of people got to enjoy it that's my favorite part about it. 

(You can read Got Something For Me? on HERE on Pixiv, and HERE on Doujins with permission from Xkit.)

Kasaix: Let's talk about that comic now. Where did the idea for that come from, and what made you draw it?

Xkit: Ok so what happened was there was a part of endgame (SPOILER ALERT) where Carol met Peter for the first time. The way Carol replied to peter was kinda flirty for me and I was like maybe it was just me and my brain being a pervert hahahahaah So, when I went back to my office ( I was watching with my colleagues) i had some free time and made a 3 min sketch about that scene and posted it on my page. I think that was around the 29th and it was just something innocent it was a 3min sketch. It turns out that I wasn't the only one who noticed that scene and how that line was delivered. It felt like Carol said it with a kinda protective big sister or mother kinda way of teasing. So people around the internet made a meme out of that sketch. it was literally everywhere. and people asked me to make a comic about it. and the rest is history.

Kasaix: I don't think I saw the sketch, or any meme that came from it. I'm glad you went for it. An artist who can find the ecchi in any situation is a great artist.

Xkit: its ok its floating around there somewhere hahahaha. And thank you Im glad I did too! I think that goes with any story teller its more of like expression like how you feel about it and expanding it.

Kasaix: Do you have any plans for a continuation of it? I saw some begging in the comments.

Xkit: For now I wouldn't say I will but I do want to. The only reason I can't is it takes a number of days to finish it and I have to do my job so if anyone is interested to commission me to do the second one (points at reader)hahaha just kidding just kidding. I can also say that when I’m not busy, I’m planning to do something a little bit from far home. Not alot just maybe 3-4 pages  as a treat for everyone so keep liking and following me for updates! hahahaha have you seen FFH?

Kasaix: Like the rest of the civilized world, of course I have. I can't wait to see what you do with that.

Xkit: I'll send you the link when its done 

Kasaix: Please and thank you.

I know how busy you are, so let's wrap it here. Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Xkit: To everyone thank you thank you for the support I wouldn't have done this if it wasn't for you guys! I am so grateful! And Thank you so much for this Interview it is an absolute honor!

Kasaix: It was my pleasure.

Xkit: thank you so so much! 

If you’d like to see more of Xkit’s work, and you really do, check out the sites below: