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Lewd Elves With a Love Potion
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 0 comments

Nothing turns a "no" into a "yes" faster than a love potion. Sadly they don't exist in the real world (yet), so we'll have to make do with living out our fantasies in the world of hentai once again.

Toffer Team are back with their Hikari: Love Potion, their second VN after last year's Hikari! Clover Rescue. Despite sharing a developer and a word in the title the two are actually unconnected. Clover Rescue was about a bounty hunter in a futuristic setting that gets wrapped up in a shadowy plot and fucks 5 girls along the way, while Love Potion stars an office worker that gets isekai'd into a fantastical realm and sent to restore peace to the kingdom by using a love potion on various girls who've been brainwashed by the corrupted goddess Beatrice and... fucks 5 girls along the way. But the newer title features a bunch of improvements over the last one. 

Firstly, Love Potion is longer than Clover Rescue, and as a result has even more H-scenes, which feature better quality art as well. The girls are also more diverse; as this time around there are elves, a succubus and even a goddess, and who doesn't want to screw a goddess? Lastly, there are more point & click elements this time as opposed to a standard kinetic format, leading to more player involvement & immersion. Did I mention both games are totally uncensored & have no mosaics despite being on Steam?

If this sounds good to you then check it out here. Will you be looking into it? Have you played Clover Rescue before? What would you do if you had a love potion? Let us know below!