An Interview with Tofuubear
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Kasaix: Hello, people of Doujins! I’m here with another fascinating interview with another incredibly talented artist. I’d like to introduce you all to Tofuubear. I was immediately drawn to the art style, it’s smooth, the lighting and shading offers incredible depth, and the characters clearly express emotions. I knew I had to reach out and talk to the artist.

That said, thanks for hanging out Tofuubear. How are you doing today?

Tofuubear: thank you very much for all your compliments! I'm kinda nervous never did an interview before

Kasaix: It's quite all right, just answer casually  ^_^
Let's get started then, how did you get interested in art? Was it a cartoon or comic that set off your creativity?

Tofuubear: I started drawing since I was a little kid, always with a pencil in my hand and sketching random things but once I discovered Japanese anime this passion became even stronger

Kasaix: That's nice. I always like to hear about artists who took their passion from childhood with them into the future.

Do you have formal training, or have you doodled your way to mastery?


Tofuubear: I'm self-taught but I'm still no way near to the mastery lol

Kasaix: Haha. I still think you have awesome talent ^_^

What are your favorite things to draw?

Tofuubear: women

my favorite subjects are women, I love women bodies structure

soft yet strong

with just a few right strokes you can create a beautiful figure

Reiko by tofuubear

Kasaix: Truly an artist of culture. I couldn't agree more. The way you frame your subjects, highlighting every angle, the shading and lighting to bring them to life. It's just great.

Who or what is your favorite subject to draw?

Tofuubear: I like kemonomimi girls especially fox wolf or cat, so once I discovered Ahri from League of Legends I drew her many times

and from Ahri I drew many other LoL girls

after some time Overwatch came out and I started drawing OW girls too

but right now I want to create my own OCs

the first is Reiko a wolf girl

Kasaix: I saw your love of animal ear girls in your Black Hanekawa picture. Fine work right there.

What do you have in mind for Reiko, and what kind of girl is she? Do you have a backstory planned for her?


Black Hanekawa by tofuubear

Tofuubear: I really suck with no she still doesn't have a backstory

all I know for now is that she's a sweet girl but doesn't like to show much her own emotions cause she doesn't want to be seen as weak, let's say a bit tsundereish

Kasaix: Haha I see. Do you have any sketches of her yet, or is she still a work in progress?

Tofuubear: I have a few pics of her already, you can find them by searching Reiko on my Tumblr

in one pic she's with Ahri 8)

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Kasaix: Oh nice. I'll have to find that one.

Out of all of your work, which do you consider your best or your favorite? Something you could proudly show off as a measure of your talent?

Tofuubear: that's kinda hard to answer..I'm usually not satisfied with my own drawings there's always something in the final piece that bothers me

the most recent one I like are Black Hanekawa and 2B

maybe my all time favorite is still Camilla but that already has more than 1 year, so I wouldn't pick it as show off of my current art style

2B by tofuubear

Kasaix: Well you're definitely an artist. There's no harsher a critic than the artist themself.

How do you first approach a project? What are your thought process as you go into it?

Tofuubear: First I consider what kind of personality and body does the subject have

for example if she has big butt and thick thighs I'll try to create a pose that could exalt those traits

I start to quick sketch some thumbnail poses

once I have few I pick my favorite

and start fix it here and there

once I have the pose sketch I start with main sketch then lineart and finally coloring

lineart is my least favorite part of all of the process

Kasaix: Where do you get ideas for these projects? Things you see in fiction, or a girl you think you could draw better?

Tofuubear: Right now my patrons pick 3 girls for me to draw monthly and those girls has many variants bonus like lingerie,futa etc

as for my own projects I usually pick girls whose design or personality I'm interested in

if I chose a girl is not cause I think I can draw it better, simply I want more hentai of her haha

Kasaix: Hahaha nice. Giving your fans a voice in what is drawn next is definitely nice. Connecting with one's fans I feel is very important.

What is a dream project of yours? Something you feel you must absolutely work on?

Tofuubear: My dream project already came true, I wished for many years to work as an artist full time and right now thanks to my supporters I can do it. I'm able to work on what I want and be able to pay the bills I think that's every artist dream.

but if we are speaking about a single project I would like to try animating one day

and give more life to my drawings

Kasaix: I'm truly glad you could fulfill your overall dream, and I wish you luck on animation. Seeing girls like Ahri and Reiko moving around would be very interesting.

Let's wrap this up, shall we? Any words to all your fans?

Tofuubear: Thanks to all the people who support me every single day! I really appreciate it cause you made my dream come true and last but not least guys never give up on your dream, if any of you wants to pursue a certain career not only the artist one just go for it (be sure to have a B plan). It's easy to become discouraged by the world around you, but life is not a race so it's never too late to start doing what you love. Now go and watch some hentai/read some doujin! 8)

Kasaix: You heard the bear, go get some hentai to enjoy and have a dream ready to pursue!

Another huge thanks to Tofuubear for hanging out for this fascinating interview. If you’d like to follow Tofuubear’s work, here are some links:





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