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Why Asians are Cute
By RinSigua • 5 years ago

           Have you ever watched Girl’s Generation, AKB48, or any other k-pop or j-pop music video and thought to yourself… “These girls are CUTE !” Well, be glad, for you are not alone. Now, what if I tell you that there is a scientific explanation why some, if not most, people consider Japanese, Koreans, or Asians in general, cute.


Neoteny (n.) is the retention of child-like features.

           Cuteness is an attraction in a pretty or endearing way. Cuteness is mostly associated with child-like appearance. You see the connection here?


           Asian people, more specifically East Asian people, are people with the highest retention of child-like features. These include:

Smaller height

Flatter face


Reduced muscle mass

Reduction of brow ridge

           Does that mean that some of the people who like Asian women (or men, i dunno) are actually low-key lolicons!?! That, I don’t know, but that’s not the point. The point is that Asian women are technically cuter than other people because of neoteny.

           Studies show that neotenous faces are perceived as people with higher sociability and femininity as opposed to non-neotenous faces which seems more intimidating.

           Cuteness isn’t just in the face, it’s also in the way someone act and sound. Look no further than in Japan; where the culture of cuteness, or kawaii, has been used prominently in various media. This cuteness in the way one acts or talk may be considered a neotenous trait on a psychological aspect. This is called Psychological Neoteny, where there is a retention of child-like attitudes and behaviors into later adulthood.


           Another reason why we can’t help but adore cute people is because of psychology. Child-like feature tend to trigger a nurturing response to adults. This is ingrained to our very core as an evolutionary adaptation. This is to ensure that children are being taken care of by adults, ensuring that humans survive as a species.

           Now, this blog does not, by any means, invalidates a person’s taste, nor force other person to our taste and preferences. I’m simply stating the fact that East Asian women (or men for that matter, because sexual dimorphism in East Asian men are reduced, meaning male Asians tend to look feminine. In short, traps.) are cuter than most people because of neoteny.


           What about you? Do you find Asian girls (or boys, I won’t judge) cute, or do you prefer hotter, more mature women? What are your thoughts about neoteny and cuteness? Did you found out something new? Do you have anything to add? Do you have any suggestions and recommendation? Please tell us about it in the comments below. Thank you for reading!