An Interview with Kyoffie: Artist of Legends
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Kasaix: Greetings, people of Doujins! I’m sitting here with Kyoffie, a really talented artist I've been following for a while. I'm excited to be able to hang with and share Kyoffie’s talents with your all.

Thanks for hanging out, Kyoffie. How are you doing?

Kyoffie: I'm fine, happy for your interest.

Kasaix: There's a lot to be interested in.

Tell me about yourself. How did you get started in art? Do you have a professional education, or did you sketch your way to where you are today?

Kyoffie: I drew as a child, the animated series always caught my attention, thanks to them I started in the drawing,  I studied illustration for 3 years, it's my only training.

Kasaix: That's nice. I always like to see that someone has taken a love of drawing with them into adulthood.

Which animated series did you watch that inspired you to draw?

Kyoffie: Time Bokan is my first fav anime (Kyoffie's logo has the protagonist's helmet) but the animated series that motivated me to draw was Dragon Ball.

Kasaix: Fine anime series, definite classics.

Kyoffie is also the name of your mascot, right? Can you tell us about her?

Kyoffie: I saw great mangakas that were interpreted with a drawing, I wanted to do the same, I don’t know why my mascot doesn’t eyes and why  is he yellow skin, but I like it XD
I was inspired by time bokan for the character, paying homage to my  first favorite anime..
kyoffie is a mix of 2 names,

KYO=  Dir en Grey's Vocalist

FFIE= Yuffie of Final Fantasy VII

Kasaix: That's really quite interesting. It's a clever way of finding a name.

What do you consider your best artwork? A picture you would show people to give them an idea of who you are as an artist?

Kyoffie: uuuuf... that is hard....  I like this pic, It's 2 years old, but it's my favorite.



I have little hentai content, but if I have to choose a work, it would be this


Kasaix: Yes, I can see why you like them. Very well done.

Who are the characters in that pool picture?

Kyoffie: League of Legends’ characters,  Fiora, Miss Fortune and Leona in foreground, most of my fans really enjoy my drawings of LoL

Kasaix: Ah, I see. I don't play. For half a second, I mistook the red-haired girl in the pool with the pink bikini bottom for Orihime from Bleach. Hahaha.

Kyoffie: They look alike

Kasaix: What's your favorite theme to work on? Girls hanging out, or hentai pictures, etc?

Kyoffie: Girls with different outfits.

Kasaix: Ah, nice.

What is your favorite outfit to draw?

Kyoffie: I enjoy drawing tight outfits.

Kasaix: I see. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Who is your favorite girl to draw?

Kyoffie: I dont have one in specific, a day I like one and the next day is another.

Kasaix: Yeah, I can't choose a single girl either. Do you have a top five or so of favorite girls?

Kyoffie: Only these 3 for now

Vi - League of Legends
Mercy - Overwatch
Nami - One piece

Kasaix: Nice, those a fine girls.

What would a dream project of yours be? Something you feel you must work on?

Kyoffie: I believe that now I am living my dream, I can live thanks to the drawing.
That's important to me.

Kasaix: That's inspiring. You should feel proud of yourself.

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Kyoffie: Thanks for all the support you have given me these years, I appreciate seeing people who enjoy my work, this motivates me to work much more.

Just thanks for following me


Another huge thanks to Kyoffie for hanging out and answering some questions. If you’d like to follow his work, his websites are listed below.