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An Interview with Aeolus
By Kasaix • 7 months ago

Kasaix: Hey Doujin Army! I’m here with another great artist, the one and only Aeolus! I really like his art style. It leans more on the cartoon-ish side, but it’s still cute and sexy. Also, his original character is apparently a well-hung nerd that gets laid a lot.

But we’re skipping ahead a bit. Thanks for taking the time to hang out. How’s it going, Aeolus?

Aeolus: Going pretty good, Kasaix. Thanks for having me.

Kasaix: It’s my pleasure, man. 

Let’s start at the top, could you tell me how you first got into art?

Aeolus: Well, I started really young, around maybe 8 or 10 years old. I just got inspired by a lot of disney shows and movies and animated films like FernGully and it just made me want to give art a try and it's just been my passion ever since.

Kasaix: I love FernGully. Classic movie that I hope to hentai god never gets remade. They can only ruin it. 

Did you take art classes, or are you a self-taught artist?

Aeolus: I'm mostly self-taught, but over the years I've taken classes that have really helped me out. I started by just copying from magazines and comics for a few times and then just did it on my own and sort of just went from there.

Kasaix: I admire people who have the patience and motivation to learn on their own.

What are your favorite characters and themes to draw?

Aeolus: haha too many count. Superheroes and OCs of other artists, for one. But I guess some of the characters I like drawing the most (especially in porn) are Jessica Rabbit, Helen Parr, Dexter's Mom, girls from One Piece. Pretty much curvy and thicc women. They're always fun to draw

Kasaix: Yes, curvy and thicc women are best. You are a man of culture.

Besides the well-hung nerd with red hair and freckles, do you have any other original characters?

Aeolus: oh yeah! I've got a few. There's Lauren Taylor, who's one of my oldest OCs. She started out as just a genderbent version of myself that became really popular that I just decided to make her an official original character

And there's Giggles, who I made mostly as a counter for the very common fear of clowns.

I also have probably my oldest OCs, Voltage who was my own superhero character that I made back in middle school. And Tak, a fairy boy that was originally a FernGully OC.

Kasaix: Ah, sexy clowns. Definitely the thing to beat back the fear of clowns. What about Davey, the aforementioned well hung nerd? You use him as your HF profile picture, and he features here and there. 

Aeolus: yeah I think I have more fun drawing him and get more ideas for him than all my other OCs. Just for all the erotic and funny situations that can happen to him.

He started out as just a one-shot character, at first. But then I just found myself drawing him with these sexy ladies again and again until I just decided to make him an official OC

Kasaix: I can see the appeal. He looks like a nerd, and typically, nerds don’t get the girl. He gets the girls, plural. It’s a fun twist on an old trope.

Where do you get the inspiration for all your projects?

Aeolus: Sometimes it comes to me from seeing art from all my favorite artists or sometimes it comes from watching different shows, movies and games or sometimes it just comes to me out of the blue. Like if I let my mind wander and I get an idea for something that I really want to do.

Kasaix: How long does it typically take you to finish an art project?

Aeolus: Usually three or four days. Or more, depending on the project

Kasaix: What do you feel is your best picture yet, and why?

Aeolus: Wow. That's a toughie. I could pick a few of my work that I'm most proud of. But if I were to pick one of them, I think it'd be a Christmas picture I made featuring a sexy Mrs. Claus.

I really liked the idea of her being super hot and fooling around while her husband was out making her rounds. And back then I was still getting settled into digital art and was getting better at it and I felt like that was the first time where I went the extra mile for my art. I took better care with the anatomy, the background, the chair and it really felt like I was making something kind of epic.

Kasaix: Nice work. It looks really good.

Is there a project you'd really like to work on in the future?

Aeolus: Yes. There's a comic featuring Davey I'd like to finish and a couple I'd like to start

Kasaix: I look forward to seeing those.

What setup do you use to draw?

Aeolus: a wacom intuos S pen and tablet

Kasaix: Nice setup. 

Where does your username come from?

Aeolus: It's from the book Homer's The Odyssey. I didn't really read a lot of books and it was one of the few that I really enjoyed reading. It's the character that gives Odysseus the bag of winds for his journey. For some reason, he stood out to me more than all the other greek gods in the story, so when I created my first art account on DeviantArt 13 years ago, that was the name I chose.

Kasaix: That’s actually really cool to know. I love Greek tales as well.

Let’s wrap it up here for now. Do you have any final words to all your fans?

Aeolus: Thank you so much for all the love and appreciation you've given me over the years. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you all sticking by me so I am eternally grateful. Feel free to support me on Patreon at or tip me on Ko-fi at Plenty of more tasty art to come so stay tuned!

I’d like to thank Aeolus again for taking the time to hang out. If you’d like to follow more of his work, check out the sites below: