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A Review of Main Character Simulator
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here’s our opinion.

I really hope this game is decent. I downloaded it, had problems with that, then had to go find some special software on the backwoods part of the internet to get the files to extract. None of this was the game’s fault, turns out I just haven’t updated my file extractor in like four years. The more you know. But hey, I fought through it all to get this specific game. Why? Because it has English voice acting baby.

Main Character Simulator is a visual novel game available on Nutaku for $4.99. It was published and developed by NewWestGames and released on the Nutaku website on October 23, 2018.


I’m a pancake flip-floppin’ piece of shit when it comes to the art for the game. I think the backgrounds look great, especially the environments around the school. No qualms there. However, the character art messes me up. I want to say I almost like it. The outfits look neat and well drawn. But hot damn those faces… sometimes the faces don’t look so great man. Take a look through all the pictures in this review and you might see what I mean. The character portraits grew a little on me over time but I certainly wouldn’t be handing out any awards.

Except for those flamin’ hot beats, bitch. I will be handing out a “good job team” award for the music. The music tracks tend to combine modern beats with a digital, retro gaming sound to make some sick productions. I was completely satisfied with the OST, but then, as I was reading through a school scene, some fucking vocals popped up here and there on a track. Now that, is how you sell me on music for a cheap little porn game that certainly didn’t need the added effort of vocals. Excellent stuff.

Hell yes, even the game knows the best part!


The story’s just hot garbage that ensures there’s some kind of plot that keeps moving forward. But hey, the game’s called Main Character Simulator, so that’s kind of the point. You shouldn’t be expecting an epic tale of strife and virtue. The game mainly just uses it’s ridiculous premise of aliens coming to interact with high school students to get into pornographic situations and to make fun of itself. The comedy is a bit hit or miss at times... I guess they sometimes miss, huh? However, there were plenty of good lines to counteract the cringey ones. The characters aren’t the most unique concepts ever, but they are written distinctly enough to be different from each other and the voice acting further helps to accomplish this. Basically, it’s solid enough to get the job done.

Do you want to tell her, or should I?

The Sex

We have some conflicts here, so let’s discuss the good and the bad. On the bright side, the scenes are voiced and you can achieve a scene in a pretty short amount of time. No three hour heinous grind to be seen anywhere. Unfortunately, the first advantage seems a bit… underplayed. My main problem is that during the sex, the girls don’t have many lines. You may hear them say “Oh yes, fuck me hard!” but then the next three lines are pure description with no voice acting. These long pauses between them talking break my immersion a bit, and when a game has voice acting it sucks to see it rarely utilized in the sex. I’d like to hand out a free pass because of budget constraints, yet there were plenty of other scenes that were voiced that didn’t necessarily need to be, so I can’t even let that excuse slide. This blunder isn’t nearly as bad as not including voice acting in the scenes at all, but it certainly dampened the experience a bit.

Never thought I'd think it was nice to hear a girl tell me to shut up.

TL;DR Main Character Simulator offers some hot beats and quick sex with some voice acting added in. For the price, I can respect it enough. 3/5.

Do you think voice acting adds to the experience? Need a Nutaku game reviewed? Let me know in the comments below!