A Night with Laverne is a Sinful Night You'll Never Forget
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 4 comments

Now, I love me some nuns. Their holy and reserve gowns that hide their sinful and voluptuous bodies. God must want me to sin with women like that. And that’s just what artist SS2Sonic and Gats are trying to do. Not only are they making me sin by thinking naughty thoughts about a woman of god, but they are also making me think naughty thoughts about a DOG!!! O.O

A Night With Laverne is a short visual novel by SS2Sonic and Gats. It’s a simple but steamy plot. Your car breaks down in the middle of a storm and you head into a nearby church to find shelter in. But shelter isn’t the only thing you find in this church, you also find yourself a hot ass dog nun. Will she be able to help you with your car troubles, and maybe cleanse you of all your naughty sins?

Now this game might not convert you to Christianity, but it might convert you into a furry. SS2 furry nun OCs are just great. I hope that Laverne isn’t the only one of them that we get to spend the night with.

I'm looking at you thicc, short, granny

If you’re interested in this game, you can purchases it on Gumroad for $6 dollars.

Have you played the game? Would you fuck Laverne? Would you like to spend a night with the other nuns? Tell us in the comments below.