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A Review of Non Stop Goddess
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 6 comments

Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here’s our opinion.

Hello boys and girls, we’re back with our regularly scheduled programming. Now last week I may have went a little overboard on describing how the last review almost made me suicidal with disappointment (link). But fear not, this week you won’t be facing down a wall of text. We’re simply going to take a calm, relaxing look at a calm, relaxing mobile game recently added to Nutaku (Damn boy two recently added games in a row, okay I see you).

I had to put my detective hat on for this background section, and I still managed to come up empty-handed. Neither the publisher or developer of Non Stop Goddess is listed on Nutaku, and when I searched some other websites that were talking about it they didn’t mention them either. So fuck it, it’s a mobile game for Android that was released on August 1, 2018. The download clocks in at 95MB.


Alright I’ll come clean, I’m not exactly a mobile gaming expert, okay? I really have no idea if the graphics I’m seeing are above or below the industry standard nowadays. However, they are certainly easy on the eyes. Speaking of which, the art compliments the models nicely, especially the art found in the… lewd animation videos? I’m not sure on the technical term for an animated fox girl getting hot and bothered. I haven’t seen much crisper art/animations myself, and I’m playing sex games every week.

What more proof do ya need?


Non Stop Goddess endorses nonstop gameplay, but also limited gameplay at the same time. Your character is eternally grinding automatically. However, while they’re grinding you take the job of calling in bosses for them fight, moving them up through the dungeons, sorting through equipment, upgrading said equipment, upgrading your pet companion, upgrading skills, etc. You’re basically their manager. For those of you who enjoy mobile games where you have direct control that probably sounds pretty boring, but for the more laid back players it has an appeal. I personally don’t care much about making a direct impact on mobile games (save the real ass beatings for fighting games) so I thought the game worked well as a micromanaging time-killer. The game even states it’s supposed to be a simple, relaxing experience, so high-intensity battles are absent.

Nothing like the classic 3 main classes of an RPG.

The Sex

Since I already mentioned how clean the art and animation itself was, there isn’t much left to say here. It’s not as if there are scenes with dialogue or progression or anything of the sort. Each character appears to have three different animations that are unlocked by achieving certain milestones for different aspects of the game (Upgraded gems to a target degree, cleared X many floors of a dungeons, etc.). Some were pretty easy to unlock. I already have three unlocked, and I’ve only been playing the game for a day. Considering how gay these games can be when shelling out your sexy rewards that’s definitely a fair amount.

If only there was dialouge...

If you know my standards, you’re probably assuming this shit is already an instant 2/5 see ya later. But this is not the case. For you see, I’ve grown a bit as a reviewer since my last mobile review game. I understand now that for these types of games, it’s probably disadvantageous to have long, fully fleshed out sex scenes or anything like that. It’s much more practical to sneak a peek at a hentai animation while you’re riding in the back of the bus or something, whatever you animation lovers like to do. The same concept applies for immersive, in-depth gameplay. I just can’t simply review mobile or browser games in the same way I do other titles. Does this mean I was too hard on the last game like this, Fake Lay? Fuck no, that game sucked. The art was bad and the micromanaging wasn’t nearly as fun as this game. So hell no I didn’t.

Wastes my precious time efficiently and provides quality art/animations; 3/5

Do you play mobile games while you’re out and about? Are you a fan of these loop porn animations? Asking because I’ve heard people enjoy them a lot but never actually met anyone who says they do. As always, let me us know in the comments below!