A New Cafe is on the Way
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Carrot Cafe!, developed by Soot Face, is an animated visual novel/dating sim that has already reached their goal of $5,125 and are currently sitting at $11,170. So you may be asking yourself, “Why should I back a project that’s already past its goal?”  Well, that’s because they still have amazing stretch goals to reach and are giving away neat little swag for anyone who’s willing to back them.


You play as Satoshi, a high school graduate who is tasked by his mom to take charge of the Carrot Café while she’s away. The funny thing about working at the Carrot Café is that you are the only boy surrounded by four overly attractive females in maid costumes, and are oh-so-ready to serve you. THANKS MOM! The game is rated 18+ so you can expect some good sexy time with each of the lovely ladies.


Here are the features that will be present in the game:

  • Training the Trainer! The maids need to be trained to satisfy the needs of the customers. But to be able to do that, you’ll need to find out how to do it right first.
  • Non-Linear! The game will be heavily influenced by the choices you make. Your relationship with your maids and every circumstance depends on it.
  • Fully Animated! All characters inside the game won’t be static images. Unlike the usual VNs, every character in Carrot Cafe will be fully animated. That way you can really feel all the emotions that can’t be described by words alone and that they’re alive.
  • Cinematics! Characters aren’t the only ones getting animated, all the cutscenes are as well.
  • Multiple Locations! You will also be able to bring someone to different places. All locations will have different ways to interact with the person.
  • Gallery! Here, you’ll be able to view all the scenes that you have unlocked.
  • Gameception! A lot of mini-games will be included.
  • Interaction! (Almost) everyone will be woo-hoo-able (even NPCs) if you hit the right spots!

The (Almost) statement kinda scares me a bit. I hope my bae, Satoshi’s mom, is in that (Almost) category. Yeah, so what, I support incest in my visual novels, big whoop, wanna fight about it?


Here is the list of characters:

A little small thing I’ve noticed about the characters are the small little differences they all have in their maid uniforms. It’s a small little touch that adds to the character’s personality and sense of style, and I like that. I appreciate it. (Example: Miho’s ears are round while the rest of girls have long ears. Ruriko’s uniform is more of the playboy bunny style unlike the other formal maid design. Each of their chokers are different, etc.)

They may have reached their primary goal, but they still have their stretch goals to reach. If $15,000 is reached Soot Face will hire a professional composer to work on the musical side of things. If $25,000 is reached, the game will add voice acting to make the game feel more lively and immersive. And lastly, if $45,000 is reached, an expansion on the base game will be worked on and after it's finished, the backers will receive this expansion for free.

And if you become a backer, here are some of the rewards you can expect:

Here is a link to their Kickstarter if you are looking to help them out.

There is also a playable demo that you can try out.

Here are some sexy images from the demo.

What do you think about this game? Have you played the demo? Is incest bestcest? Tell us in the comment below.