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A Loli Loving Youtuber Created a Light Novel For His YouTube Channel and Now Has Fan Art
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago

If you’re deep into the anime YouTube community, you may have heard of Digibro before. Analysing anime by moonlight, defending lolis by daylight. That guy. Well, he came out with his very own light novel, and it’s in the form of a video. And in light novel fashion, it has an overly long title:Trapped In My Own Shitty Light Novel After Killing Myself, Might As Well Court the Goddess!

Even with the poorly drawn character art by artist Digibro, actual artist came out of the wood works to lend their skills and make the characters come to life.

They even created legit looking light novel covers for it.

I know as a creator myself, seeing people create fan art of something that I made would make me feel so good inside. Now when is someone going to create some hentai of this masterpiece?

Have you heard of Digibro? What did you think of the light novel? Would you ever write a light novel? Tell us in the comments below.