Top 10 Naruto Doujins Of All Time
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Ninjas Need Love Too
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Naruto is the most popular anime franchise of the last decade, with the manga running 72 volumes from September 1999 – November 2014, and the anime ran from October 2002 - March 2017 totalling 720 episodes. Still, it spawned a surprisingly few number of doujins; only 199 according to our current count. But what if you took those decade and a half of doujins, and ordered them by user rating? These are the resulting top 10:

10. OIROKE Ninpoujou Dattebayo by Ningen Modoki

A post time-skip doujin that opens with Sakura wandering outside, thinking about how, in the past, Naruto in girl form seduced and had sex with her, then with Hinata as well. She gets aroused and decides to get the three of them together for another go. She wakens both Naruto and Hinata in the dead of night, and encounters Tsunade along the way, pulling her into it as well. What follows is a truly great four-way. There's also a sequel called ONOROKE Nin Houjou by the same artist.


9. Yokubari Senninte by Karakishi Youhei-dan

Karakishi is the second most prolific Naruto-doujin author, with the best artwork overall in my opinion. Naruto catches up with Sakura and informs her that they haven't had sex in a while. She wonders why he brings it up, and he strips her in one move. She delivers a kick in retaliation, but sucks him off anyway (hentai logic), also bothered by their lack of sex. She later brings up that she knows that he's a Shadow Clone, and correctly guesses that the real Naruto is with Hinata. After the clone is defeated by ejaculating too much, Sakura goes to Naruto and Hinata for a threesome.


8. PM 10 - Indecent Ninja Training by Studio Parm

A special kunoichi training for girls like Hinata and Kurenai involves bondage courtesy of some male genin. Studio Parm's work is top-notch art, but has a dark tone, unlike most Naruto doujins.

 7. Jungle GO by Naruho

Naruho is, by far, the most dedicated Naruto doujin artist there is, religiously producing 2 - 3 doujins per year for the series, which is why so many of her works made it on this list. In this one, Naruto, Sakura, and Tsunade are castaways on an unknown island. Since then, Naruto got Sakura pregnant and she gave birth to a son. One fine morning, Naruto entices Sakura into sex and creates a Shadow Clone to take care of the baby, berating the clone when he wanted in on it. While those two have rough sex, Tsunade pulls the clone into their own love-making, creating her own clone to care for the child, and telling the clone that she is already pregnant. The clone Naruto confesses his feelings for Tsunade while they have sex. In the end, the real Naruto apologizes for his clone's roughness, and senses an unknown presence, revealed to be Hinata to the reader.


6. Naruhina by Naruho ★

Hinata laments to Sakura that, despite being married for a year, they haven't gone further than kissing. Sakura admits to herself that she hasn't had sex either. Hinata assumes it's because she lacks charm, but even Sakura envies Hinata's charm. Naruto goes to Hinata's place, where he and Hanabi walk in on Hinata tying a ribbon around herself. After calming down a bit, Naruto pulls off the ribbon and they finally have sex. She later boasts to Sakura that they frequently have sex, even with multiple Shadow Clones.


5. Tsunade no Inchiryou by Naruho

Naruto is stuck in his tailed-demon form, and Tsunade tells the gathered kunoichi that the only way to revert him to normal is to sate his lust. They're understandably stunned, but are none too hesitant to carry out the task. Tsunade, Shizune, Hinata, Sakura, and Temari take turns having sex with Naruto. In the end, he returns to normal while Sakura is riding him. In her embarrassment, she punches him, extending his hospital stay.


4. PM 11 by Studio Parm

Numerous kunoichi are captured and raped by Orochimaru and Kabuto.

A second chapter involves Sakura at some onsen having sex with a guy she knows.


3. A Sweet Nightmare by shimoyake ★

Naruto contemplates his relationship with Hinata, speaking to the likes of Iruka and Sakura while he dreams of making her his woman. Finally, the two come together and become a real couple.


2. PM 09 - Indecent Ninja Exam by Studio Parm

Temari's own brother Kankuro has his way with her using his puppets. In the following chapter. Naruto sneaks in on Tsunade and other girls while they're in an onsen. 


1. Shohin-Mei Yome Ga - Ni Narimashite by satomi

Naruto bursts into a hospital room when he learns that Hinata was hurt during an urgent mission. While she ahd her team were clearing out one of Orochimaru's labs, Hinata dropped a flask that gave her amnesia, returning her to when she was 16, before the war. She becomes as shy as she was back then, blushes profusely and even faints as she did before. Naruto goes to great lengths to help Hinata familiarize herself with her current life. After a couple of days, Hinata goes to Kurenai and plans to sleep with Naruto. After he calls her out on her reckless plan, the two have sex, with him taking the lead. This helps Hinata regain her memories, and the two plan to keep their new active sex life going.


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