Paul Fidika

Hey there! I'm the kid from Wisconsin who started Doujin-Moe (now way back in 2006 while working out of my parent's basement. I'm always working on something new and fun. My latest projects are and my YouTube Channel 'Paul Fidika', which is an educational self-help vlog. Thanks for following me on this journey!

Articles by Paul Fidika
Studying for the Act Exam? Is Your Savior (Announcing My Next Site)
3 • By Paul Fidika • 3 weeks ago
Hey guys, Paul here! This is completely unrelated to anime / otaku culture, but for the past couple months I've been working on a new EduTech company and building the next generation of education,,and I wanted you guys to be the first to experience it!The ACT exam is one of the most important ...
Recruiting Alpha-Testers For an ACT Study-Aid
0 • By Paul Fidika • 6 months ago
Hey there guys! Paul here! I'm currently working on an educational startup company called, which helps students study for the ACT college-entrance exam. If you're planning on taking the ACT in the future, or just interested in helping with the project at all, check out the site and get in contact ...
Doujins 4.42 Update: Slideshow, Bug Fixes
8 • By Paul Fidika • 8 months ago
Hey there Doujins Fam! We've been getting a lot of e-mails and comments about these issues, so I wanted to make a quick blog post to clarify a few things.Slideshow Changes:We completely revamped how the slideshow system looks and works, to make it more simpler, more modern, and work with our new audio-doujins. ...
Job Opportunity: ACT Exam Question Writers / Teachers
1 • By Paul Fidika • 8 months ago
Here there guys! I'm launching a new educational business, called Forest ( site doesn't do much yet). Our first service will be a study-aid to help students prep for the ACT college-entrance exam. So I'm looking for peope (ideally teachers) familiar with the ACT Exam and proficient in at ...
Russian Federation Takes Hardline Against Trap-Yaoi (We Got a Takedown Request!)
27 • By Paul Fidika • 8 months ago
So the Russian Federation just sent us a takedown request. We got the following messageНаправляется уведомление о внесении в «Единый реестр доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов в сети «Интернет» ...
Checkout Our New Site! (For real, do it)
10 • By Paul Fidika • 10 months ago
Dear fellow pervert,Since we launched our next site in late August, has been growing rapidly, but we still need your help! Register an account, browse the site, upload some of your own content (if you're so inclined!) and then e-mail me with your thoughts and suggestions! Let me know what ...
Announcing (Now in Alpha-Build)
4 • By Paul Fidika • 11 months ago
I've been eargly anticipating this day, the day our treads meet asphalt. For the past year, we've been working secretly on a completely new type of porn site, and we're finally ready to announce it to the world and show it off. Right now it's still in alpha-build, meaning the site has a long way to go ...
Recruitment Post: Looking for people to upload (live action) porn movies!
5 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey, we're looking for some users who have a lot of high-quality live-action porn on their hard-drives who are interested in investing a small amount of their time to upload their porn clips to a new user-upload porn site we're launching next month. This will help us get the site off the ground by seeding ...
YouTube Vlog: Novelty Seeking Personality Trait
1 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey there! Paul Fidika here with a YouTube video that has nothing to do with hentai or anime, but it's cool anyway! I shot a video at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes (Jeep + drone footage), and spent some time talking about the "Novelty-Seeking Personality" trait. I hope you guys enjoy it!
YouTube Vlog: 6 Easy Tips To Make Your First $100 Billion, by Jeff Bezos
3 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey guys, Paul Fidika here again promoting my self-improvement YouTube channel! Today's video log is designed for people thinking about starting their own business. I study the success of Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in history and founder of, and identify the key elements that helped him ...
YouTube Vlog: I Spent $900 Testing Drugs I Bought Online!
0 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey Paul Fidika here again shamelessly promoting my new YouTube channel! This time it's a short video about testing SARMs (MK-2866, a performance enhancing drug) that I bought online from four independent websites to see if the drugs they're selling are real or fake.Expect me to be posting videos a lot ...
YouTube Vlog: How to Be Confident In Any Situation
0 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey guys, Paul Fidika here to shamelessly plug my new self-improvement YouTube channel! And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with anime, hentai, or anything Japanese. But that's okay! I ran a couple polls on, and the one area you guysconsistently voted on needing help with was with your ...
Paul Fidika Vlogs: Why is Fortnite So Popular?
2 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Hey guys! Paul Fidika here with my new YouTube Vlog channel, focusing on self-improvement and helping people be more successful in life. My first video is a 2-minute look into what made Fortnite Battle Royale so damn popular. I've been working on several other longer videos which will be dropping soon ...
Contest! Upgrade to Premium Today and Win a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 Slim
15 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
Contest time guys! We're giving away one brand new Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 Slim 1 TB console (the winner's choice!) to one lucky premium member on! Three runner-up winners will each receive one$50 gift card.Winners will be selected at random on May 15th, and all active ...
Jop Opportunity: Full-Stack PHP Web Developer
3 • By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago
I'm looking for an experienced PHP web-developer to work as a long-time partner on a new venture. You'll be working on the front-end and back-end of a new Laravel-based site. You'll get paid a modest amount per hour, plus you'll get some equity stake (after vesting requirements are met) in my new corporate ...