When is Criticism Too Far?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 19 comments

An artist I’ve never heard of, Kuno, made fun of another artist that I’ve never heard of, DreamNeko, and is now in some deep shit. Well, I probably should say that his girlfriend Hana, made fun of Neko more than he did, but the public is still seeing him as the one at fault. Here’s the video:

Now in all honesty, I was okay with the video until she called the girl “autistic” out of nowhere, and how long they stayed on the subject didn’t help either. But after the whole backlash, Kuno came out and made a video apologizing to Neko.

Now the only problem I have with this video is that it seems like he’s reading off a script, which makes it seem less genuine, but everyone has their own way of presenting an apology. Now, the thing I want to talk about is when is someone comments or jokes going too far. For example, when I watched a Leafy video, all I could hear was someone making a video just to hate and make fun of someone. But when I watch a CowChop youtube react video, and they make jokes about the person in the video, I have no problem with it and laugh at the jokes. But what’s the difference? Is it because Leafy makes a video focusing on making fun of someone, while CowChop makes fun of someone for a few seconds and go on to the next video? Maybe it’s the things being said, or the people saying it? I believe that Kuno is an alright guy, we all say some shitty things about people when no one is around, he just did it live. Are is it better to say that his girlfriend did it live. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking “Oh man, I can’t wait for NekoDream to see this stream and how much we’re making fun of her.” If he was thinking that, then yeah, he’s trying to hurt someone, but I don’t believe that was his intentions. We are all shitty people, some more shittier than others. Some people should be forgiven, while others shouldn’t. I feel like I’ll keep an eye on Kuno to see do he deserve actual forgiveness. But let’s be honest, I can’t be mad at someone who draws hentai for too long.

Do you think Kuno meant to hurt Neko? Do you think Kuno should be forgiven? Do you think this is mostly Kuno’s girlfriend’s fault? Tell us in the comments below.