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What’s Your Favorite Doujin?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago

Now this is most likely a loaded question for doujin degenerates like us. But it’s a question nonetheless. I have a lot of different doujins I like, and a lot of them have different themes, and scenarios that tickle my fancy. But when it comes to my favorite doujin, it has to be the one that got me into reading doujins, a doujin I always come back to, has some of my favorite fetishes, and also helped me discover my love for traps. This would have to be chapter 8 of hentai manga Mesu-Nized Festival, or as I know it as, Cum in my Mouth.

I read this doujin so long ago, like in my teens, and I still cum back to read it (saw what I did there? Cum, come? I know word play). It’s a simple story about a guy who gets turned on and gets off while wearing girl's underwear. He soon confesses to his guy friend about what he does and starts sucking him off. I love blowjob scenes with inner dialogue, and this was what started my love for internal dialogue. 

It’s an old classic of mine that I will never forget, and the other stories in the hentai manga are great as well. I know traps aren't for everyone, but if you ever wanted to dip your toes into some trap content but didn’t know where to start, then I suggest giving this bad boy a shot. It has the Kinky stamp of approval. 

What’s your favorite doujin? Have you read Cum in your Mouth? Will you go check it out after reading my article? Tell us in the comments.