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What’s Wrong With Tifa Being a Prostitute?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago • 43 comments

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out for a while now and people have mixed feelings about it. The old stuff that they’ve remade seemed to be loved, while the new things they’ve added seem to hit people the wrong way. Well, something that also hit people the wrong way was when Miles from Rooster Teeth and writer of RWBY,stated that Tifa looked like a prostitute. Oh no, the horror!

And with anything people don’t like, he was soon hit with backlash. 

Soon after all the backlash, like all hot takes, the tweet was deleted. Now look, I don’t like Miles as much as the next guy, but this wasn’t something to attack the man over. Attack him more on why RWBY is going to shit. He thinks Tifa looks like a prostitute, big deal. Aren’t we supposed to be in a more accepting time? The people who yelled at Miles for calling Tifa a prostitute, are the same people who would get mad if someone slut shamed a prostitute. Tifa underdresses and looks like a prostitute, what’s wrong with that? Being a prostitute isn’t inherently a bad thing, only unless you see it as bad. It’s like if someone said I looked like a nerd because I wear glasses and wear an anime shirt. Yeah, calling me a nerd could be considered a bad thing, but I don’t see it that way.

“Ha! Look at this fucking nerd!”

Do you think Miles deserves the backlash he got? Do you think Tifa dresses like a prostitute? Do you consider being a prostitute a bad thing? Tell us in the comments.