What's No Nut November?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 21 comments


Okay, maybe I didn’t survive No Nut November, but that brings me to my point. Who the fuck actually cares about No Nut November?

Now, what is No Nut November, or NNN if you want to be fancy with it? NNN is when, on the month of November, where guys try their best not to ejaculate or bust a nut under any circumstances. You have to go the whole 30 days of November not cumming. This is sort of a willpower/ strength test for guys. Now here are the rules for No Nut November:

- You cannot have sex, masturbate, or nut in any way, shape or form.

- Watching pornography and having boners are allowed, but you can't nut.

- You are only allowed one wet dream. If you have more than one, then consider yourself out.

- You do not have 3 strikes; you only have one shot at it. If you miss it, you're out.

- If you have passed the month with a total of 0 nuts, you are a victor and you shall qualify for Destroy Dick December Which is super fucking stupid.

Now this whole little funny bunny challenge, has created a slew of funny memes I’ll give it that, but I’m still wondering what guy actually tries to complete this challenge. It’s not like a challenge you can really brag about. Anyone can easily lie and say they didn’t cum for the whole month of November. There’s no proof that you didn’t or did, and also, who would care give a fuck that you completed the challenge. It seem like a mental torture for no reward. Maybe some people do it for themselves, knowing that they could last a whole month without cumming once is something they take pride in. Now if that makes you happy and feel accomplished with yourself, that’s all great for you. I’ll stick to jerking off and cumming into my tissues thank you very much...


Do you think anyone takes the NNN challenge seriously? Did you try to complete No Nut November? Do I need to buy a new box of tissues? Tell us in the comments below.