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Two Hot and Sweaty Gym Sessions
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago

The lovely Dorn is here to help you get into shape the best way she knows how, and is always ready to reward you for all your hard work, or reward herself, depending on how you look at it. There’s no reason to workout if you’re not breaking a sweat, and this workout will leave you both sweaty. She’ll use your “equipment” to help train her mouth muscles, and afterwards you’ll help stretch her out while practicing your thrusts. This lovely piece was written by Sun Kaioh, hopefully they have more naughty stories to tell in the future. And the immersive sound was edited by SoundGate.

Gym Session

And don’t worry, you two have another session planned, and she’ll need help stretching out her ass this time!

Gym Session 2

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Would you like a third gym session with Dorn? Would you workout more if you got rewarded like this? Which gym session did you enjoy more, the first or second? Tell us in the comments.