Dick Rating? Is it Real?
By ImJustThatKinky • 10 months ago • 14 comments

As you surf through the internet, you’re bound to stumble upon something that you never expected to see. Sometimes it can be something as inhumane as beastality, and sometimes it’s something even more inhumane as an ISIS beheading. You can find some pretty surprising things on the internet. And one thing that I saw that always peaked my interest, was dick ratings.

This is usually something that goes around in the porn section of the internet. I spotted this happening on cam sites and Reddit GWA. Guys send pictures of their dicks to the girl in question, she go through them as she rates the individual dicks usual on a scale from 1 to 10. You can choose to stay anonymous or have your name/username called out. There’s also a fee to get your dick rated sometimes. Who the fuck would pay money to just have some random girl rate their dick!...

But paying to get my dick sucked, now that's something I can get behind.

Now it’s crazy for me to actually believe that these things are real. Now I’m not talking about the dick rating thing in general isn’t real, there’s videos out there to prove it. But it’s hard for me to believe that these girls are actually being honest. I listen to a few of these just out of curiosity and I never heard them go lower than anything but a 7. Their fans are sending them pictures of their dicks, so they wouldn’t want to actually give their fans a bad rating. It’s the same as them having fake orgasms in their videos or audios, it’s to please their fans. So even if a dick looks gross or unappealing, I can see them playing it up just so the guy can feel good. We’re guys, and we love when girls stroke our dicks, but we love our egos being stroked even more.

Have you ever heard of dick ratings? Would you ever send a picture of your dick to be rated? Do you think the girls rating the dicks are lying? Tell us in the comments below.