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Funimation Removing Interspecies Reviewers Episodes From Pornhub
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago

At first, Funimation removed Interspecies Reviewers from their platform because it was too lewd for them, comparing it to hentai. And now, the unfun company Funimation wants to deny fans again by removing the Interspecies Reviewers episodes off of Pornhub.

This is a crap and shitty move by Funimation. They were too pussy to air the show on their site legally, but now they want to go to other sites that have the show and take them down. People were willing to watch the show the right way, but they denied the fans of that. So they had to find an alternative, and now they want to take away that. Luckily, there’s too many sites out there with every Interspecies Reviewers episodes uploaded, that Funimation wouldn’t be able to take down them all. So fuck you Funimation. 

Luckily, we’re not prudes like Funimation and enjoy our lewds. So if you want to get even lewder with Interspecies Reviewers, check out our first ever translated Interspecies Reviewers doujin.

Do you think it’s unfair of Funimation to take down Interspecies Reviewers episode off of Pornhub? Do you think they’ll try to do this on other sites? Do you want more Interspecies Reviewers doujins? Tell us in the comments.