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Toga Breaking and Entering for Some Dick
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago

Boku no Hero Season 4 is now airing, and everyone’s hype boner is through the roof. So to calm that hype boner down a little, how about a surprise visit from the cute psycho herself, Toga Himiko. Toga might have broken into your house for other reasons, but after seeing your huge, throbbing cock, she can’t help but take a little detour. LaddingerVA did a great job bringing out Toga’s crazy and sexy attitude with her voice. The art was also drawn by Laddinger as a complementary piece to the audio. And we must thank ScottyWritesStuff for their wonderful script.

You can purchase the full 9 minute audio for $1.99 on Gumroad.

And if you want more Laddinger greatness, you can check out her Patreon. She even have a Junko and Spinel audio planned.

Would you be okay with Toga breaking into your house? Are you into crazy girls? Are you hype for Boku no Hero Season 4? Tell us in the comments.