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This Anime Was Ruined From The Start
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago

And it wasn’t even ruined because of the studio animating it. It was ruined by just existing, and being what it is. Just edgy, nonsensical trash, with no substance. Or at least, that’s what I get from a clip that’s been getting spread around of the first episode.

Now I’ll be honest with everyone, I haven’t watched a single episode of this anime, so it can honestly be a really good show. But first impressions are always important, and when my first impression is a edgy as fuck scene that seemed to go too far just for shock factor and nothing else, I lose all interest.

Maybe watch it just to see this fuck die.

I’ve tried to watch many shows that were super edgy just for the sake of being edgy, and just grew tired of most, and was unable to finish them. That’s why I’m worried about shows like this. The last time I was able to finish a show completely, that gave off the similar vibes as Kingdoms of Ruin, was Akame ga Kill. Which I thought started off strong, but as it went on, it started giving off the vibes of being edge and killing off characters because, THAT’S COOL AND DARK!!!

Raise your edge flags high.

And I haven’t heard anyone really praising or talking big about the series, only that one scene. If it was actually a good show, I feel like I would have heard more people saying “Hold on, it really gets good on episode 4”. But instead, all I’ve been hearing is “Damn, it’s crazy how they murder that woman in episode 1.” If people dying in super crazy and sick ways is all this show has to offer, I’m fine watching my gentle slice of life comedies thank you.

They do have this hot girl in the show tho. Hopefully she doesn't die too soon.

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