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Panty Party - It's Exactly What it Sounds Like
By Kasaix • 11 months ago • 3 comments

I saw a game called Pantsu Party and immediately clicked. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I'd enjoy it. While it's currently up on Steam, and you can buy it HERE, it should come as no surprise given Nintendo's new position on sexy things, according to the dev site HERE, it's coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 25, 2019 for 1,500 yen, which is $13.85. It hasn't been announced for a Western release as of the writing of this blog post, but I think it'll come state side. I think those devs are all women, which makes this a bit more interesting. 

Now, what does Animu Game have to say about their game?

Warning! NO hentai contents in this game! All you get is funny and stupid panties! 

"I have to find... the Warrior of Love!"
"The Warrior of Love...?" 
"Yes... it is you! The one who loves panties, the Warrior of Love!"

Dashing on the street, Warriors of Love along with panties, to save humans from the evil intention– and to save themselves from being transformed into panties! 
Fight in a funny comedy full of panties, love and passion, with fierce battles between panties! 

Dash and dodge in high speed battles … with panties!
Panty Party is a fast-paced battle game. Fly as a panty in the street and in-between buildings. Search for the enemy panties and kick their bad ♥♥♥!

  • Feel emotions of foolishness and excitement ... with Panty Party!
  • Energetic dancing music. It is the melody of panties.
  • Every color imaginable. It is the color of panties.
  • A Story of nonsense and fools brought to you by panties ( and the Warrior of Love! ).
  • The sentimental thoughts of panties, which you can only experience in Panty Party.
  • Hyper exciting battling, multiple battlegrounds in the city and a full collection of unique panties!
  • All panties have unique skills, and the passion skill, to make them even stronger!

The white panty is soft, the bear panty is fierce, the stripe panty is a classic and the sailor panty – find out yourself. 
Collect them all! Step forward, Warrior of Love, it is time to show your love for panties! 

This ... is Panty Party!

Players fight sentient panties as a pair of sentient panties. Why is this game not GOTY every year?