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British Museum Showcases Manga
By Kasaix • 8 months ago • 10 comments

The British Museum in London is an esteemed location filled only with fine art and history. For people of culture and otaku, it's a great place to experience history. In recent times, a new exhibit simply titled 'Manga' has been set up, displaying manga series from Dragon Ball to Sailor Moon, and even Attack on Titan, their history, and their impact on modern media. Sections are also dedicated to the mangaka behind the works. The history of these influential works and their creators are put on display in stunning detail, and it makes me want to go visit London just for this.

SoraNews24 said it best in their article where we found out about this most excellent of exhibit: "So really, why shouldn’t manga, for which slice-of-life and titillating fan service are established genres unto themselves, be given a similarly scholarly look?" We couldn't agree more. Take a look below at some photos from the exhibit.

Maybe their hentai sections are in the back somewhere.