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Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 months ago • 13 comments

Hello everyone. Damn, more shit closes down everyday as far as I can tell. My college is closed, restaurants are closing, gyms, anything nonessential really. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) for your boi both my work and school are all completed online which means no rest for the wicked. Now I can just get corona and suffer WHILE I have to get my normal responsibilities done. Ya love to see it. But for everyone else in the world who’s relaxing on the couch with a freshly cleared out schedule, I thought I should throw out some suggestions of how you can stay busy during these trying times.

Read some fine literature

Back in my previous article about doujin length, I made the statement that I love doujins which are about 30-40 pages long. Nothing too long that’s gonna take forever to get to the good part, but nothing over so quick I couldn’t even feel immersed. You guys commented that you agreed with that range for the most part give or take a few pages. More like 20-50 overall. Point is, now is the time to tackle those 200 page monsters my friends. Those CGs with page after fucking page of paragraph after paragraph. Don’t get me wrong, I love long doujins where I can actually come to know the characters and situations a bit, the problem is I simply don’t have time to be reading those bitches. Well, here’s your chance. You can spend an hour or so reading through a beast that you’ve seen around before but didn’t want to dive into completely. I must say I expect a hard earned fap like that to be much better than the average one.

Nothing like a little quality reading time.

Watch some award-worthy films

Hentai can often find itself in a similar spot, but more so for the lack of what I need. Finding new hentai that’s yuri or futa isn’t always easy, and sometimes you can spend minute after minute searching through the 25 minute episode that contains 3% yuri just so those bastards can put the “yuri” tag on it. Next thing ya know I spent 20 minutes to find and watch a scene that didn’t even get me hard. With all this extra time on your hands, who cares if you waste a lil’ 20 baby? You’re gonna be locked down all week anyway. And hey, say fuck hentai if you need to, there’s all kinds of animations and videos on Pornhub that I’m way behind on in the backlog. No matter how you slice it you can spend those extra minutes trying to find some hot videos.

No bitch touching the TV doesn't let you enter the hentai.

Play some games to stimulate your mind

I get it, perhaps you’re more of an epic gamer like myself. Alright then. I’ve come prepared for that too. If a single one of you hasn’t played the free demo for Tenioha! yet you better stop whatever bullshit you’re planning to do during this quarantine and get it done. Seriously, the free demo for that shit was so good I ended up giving it a 5/5 back in the day, and it still remains as one of the only 5/5’s I’ve handed out in the entire history of reviewing games for Now that’s good for your wallet, and your dick. Or if you just hate those goddamn downloadable games, you can always head over to Erogames and play some online ones. Just a thought. A sponsored thought. 

After years of seeing this one, I can finally use this image in context.

Well, time for me to head out and start working on the next thing on my to do list. All of you people be safe, and if you have the luxury, enjoy some nice time off from work and school. What are your plans for the lockdown? Feeling any cabin fever? Share your game plan of activities below!