The Top 5 Hottest Girls in Devil May Cry
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 15 comments

DmC is known for its black haired main protago...I’m sorry, I got my games mixed up, we don’t talk about that one. Devil May Cry is known for its white haired main protagonist Dante, a real hottie for the ladies if you ask me. But what about the hot female characters? Well, with Devil May Cry 5, we get introduced to a new female character, NIco. Let’s see if she’s the new hotness, or is old favorites still top dog.

5. Lucia

Now I don’t know much about her personality since I’ve never played Devil May Cry  2 (I really need to get to that) but I do love her design, from the long red emo hair, to the white scarf. She’s the true definition of a female assassin, but cool doesn’t win you the number one spot when it comes to being the hottest.

4. Trish

If you’re a guy with mommy issues and have a thing for blonde girls, then Trish is the girl for you. Kind of basic when it comes to design, but simple doesn’t mean bad. Just nothing eye catching to put her higher on the list.

3. Gloria

If you’re look for the dark skin version of Lady Gaga, then don’t look farther than Gloria. Now I don’t know if this is cheating since if you’ve played Devil May Cry 4 you’d know what I mean, but she looks different enough to have her own spot. A hot ass boob window will always move you up on the list.

2. Lady

Lady is my bae. She’s my aesthetic. From the short black hair, multi colored eyes, scar on her nose, she’s a total bae. And I’m not the only one who think that, she’s the only one out of the group to get her own three doujins.

1. Nico

Now this girl needs some doujins made of her! Sometimes new hotness can beat old favorites. Lady was my favorite for awhile, until Nico popped her country ass out of nowhere. From the tattoos, the outfit, the freckles, and that goddamn accents! WHOO! You got yourself a winning waifu on your hands Capcom.

But let’s be honest, we all know that the hottest waifu in DMC is V. Just look at that emo hunk. Better boob window than Gloria, and more tattoos than Nico.

Who do you think is the hottest girl in DMC? Do you like new girl Nico? Isn’t V just the hottest? Tell us in the comments below.