The Spice & Wolf VR Game We've Been Asking For?
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 7 comments

The Spice & Wolf VR game that everyone wanted has been funded!...wait, you’re saying that you didn’t want a Spice & Wolf VR game? You wanted Spice & Wolf Season 3?...Well to fuckin bad. You get a VR game!

You might not want it but the Japanese fans do, which is why the crowd funding campaign reached its goal of 8 million yen in 2 hours! But don’t worry loyal Spice & Wolf fans of America, you can hit up their Kickstarter page and donate to a product you didn’t ask for. But don't worry, the article I have up for tomorrow is actually about something we all wanted and asked for. I'm so excited :D.

Are you excited for a Spice & Wolf VR game? Will you be donating? Would you rather get Spice & Wolf Season 3? Tell us in the comment below.