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The Reverse Bunnysuit is the Latest Lewd Trend
By Yung Namahage • 3 months ago

Everyone and their dad knows the classic bunnysuit. Popularised by Playboy models and the waitresses at their clubs, the outfit's been an icon in the world of erotica for over half a century. It combines the flirtiness of a showgirl, the sophistication of a tuxedo and the sexual connotations of a rabbit into one sexy package. Like the Playboy brand, it's been so impactful in popular culture that it made its way into other countries, including Japan. Its first appearance in anime was in the mid 80s with Urusei Yatsura, and since then it's been a common sight in the world of ecchi and hentai.

But more recently, hentai artists came up with a new and improved version. Feast your eyes upon the reverse bunnysuit!

This is the first instance of the trend I can find, drawn by the artist Onaka Itai in 2014. As you may have guessed from the name, it covers up the parts that are usually covered by the bunny suit while leaving the sweet spots exposed. The bunny look mainly serves to make it sexier by association. There wasn't a lot of art featuring the outfit before the start of this year, but for some reason the look has been undergoing a huge revival in the lewd art scene, with artists everywhere putting out their own spin on the trend.

If you ask me, the reverse bunnysuit captures the flirty spirit of the original bunnysuit but dials it up all the way into a new level of sluttiness. I don't think the reverse kind will catch on in real life as much as the originals did, but where porn fails IRL, we can always rely on hentai.

What do you guys think of reverse bunnysuits? Do you prefer them over the original type? Which variation do you like best? Drop your thoughts below!