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The Fall Season of Anime is the Fall of Anime
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago

This also goes for the anime coming out this Summer, I just said Fall because it fits well with the title. Anime has been getting fucked ever since the Coronavirus popped up, and it’s still getting fucked. Many anime that were supposed to be released this Summer and Fall have been delayed, and even worse than being delayed for maybe another season, the delays have hit TBA.

Big shows like My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Haikyuu, and Higurashi 2020, was all slated to release in either Summer or Fall, but now their release dates are in limbo, and we could possibly not be seeing them this year.

Going to have to change that to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2021)

It’s crazy how much the Coronavirus has shaken up so many different parts of our lives. Hell, America is starting to look like Japan with everyone wearing face masks and all. I thought this whole corona situation would have been solved itself by now, but no, it’s still well and healthy, unlike us. Who knows how much more anime this will affect as it keeps going on and with no sign of stopping. We may see even more delays or even some cancellations. Hopefully we just learn to adapt to it.

Were you waiting for any of these anime that have been delayed? Do you think some anime will be delayed all the way to 2021? Did you think corona would have this kind of effect on anime? Tell us in the comments.