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The Dead or Alive 5 Lewd Christmas Mods
By Kasaix • 2 years ago


A brilliant modder at UndertowClub known as NiteGuardian provided the fans of Dead or Alive 5 with a Christmas present: nude mods of some fighting girls. 


Called the 'Xmas Collection Remix!', the Christmas-themed outfits already present in the game are given a bit of a tweak to show off the girls at their best. Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, Leifang and others are dressed down for a more exciting time in combat. The three categories the mods fall under are: Xmas Santa's Helpers, Xmas Cuties, and Xmas Gift Wrapping. No matter what holiday you celebrate, I'm certain we can all enjoy these. If you're interested in modding this game and enjoying the new outfits, the Undertow thread detailing the mod and instructions can be found HERE


Xmas Santa's Helper Tina



Xmas Cutie Kasumi














Xmas Gift Wrapping Momiji














Will you be trying out these lewd and festive mods? Let us know in the comments below.